Totally off the jewelry, art, creativity path but I must share the latest triumph for my kids.  We made it through ballet recital season!  Whoot!! 

This year marks the third ballet recital / production my youngest has done.  Always a lot of work, always stressful for mom and kid, always worth it.  This year I decided to do more than prepare my child and sit in the audience to watch.  I decided this was the year to volunteer back stage. 

Now, I don’t have the courage or coordination to volunteer to be an extra dancer.  There is no way I can do what my daughter or all of the little 4 year olds do.  But I can chaperone, supervise, and order kids around. 

So, I was assigned the room with the most kids…. 40!  Ages 4 to 11.  Oh, wow.  I brought crayons, coloring pages, activity sheets, stickers.  I even made “My Ballet Books” for the girls to do.  It lasted for about an hour.  Then chaos.  Running, laughing, slidding, falling, crying, pouting. You name it, they did it. 

Fortunately, I had two other moms to help.  We took turns escorting dancers to and from the stage, potty breaks, and calming the crowd.

I have to say, though, it was very exciting to stand off-stage waiting for my group to perform.  I can see why some parents become stage-addicted.  It was exhilirating to participate in some way with the production.

My feet hurt and I was sweaty at the end but I really loved being their for my daughter and participating.  We will do ballet again.  We will be in the production next year.  And I will very likely help out backstage again.

I love the beauty and art of the dancers.  Even if they are 4, dressed like kittens, and purring on stage.  It’s too fun to miss out.

I am officially a dance mom.