DO3 Mentha a L’ O: Almost everyone grabs for this immediately. It had the most vibrant aqua/teal shades that remind me of MAC’s Tilt, Aquadisiac, and Steamy.

DO4 Lumiere D’Azur: Very beautiful blue collection, ranging from navy to cobalt, to azure, and ice-tones.

ST1 Brun Adore: Perfect neutral palette that leans towards warm and smoky. Great for getting those Victoria’s Secret smoky eyes.

DR3 Vert Mystere. Beautiful mossy smoky greens, mixed with charcoals and a soft beige. VERY unique and one of my favorites.


Serious Eye Candy: Lancome Hypnôse Palettes Overview and Swatches (click individual images for decriptions)

No, I don’t have a whole set of these beautiful 5-color eyeshadow palettes. I wish.

The shots were taken at the Lancôme office, and I had a bit of time to do some serious swatching with some of the palettes I really liked. The new range comes in 3 “types”.

  1. Doll Eyes: Softer, easier-to-wear colors and textures
  2. Star Eyes: More glamorous, and often more sparkly
  3. Drama Eyes: Intense, high-contrast, with some darker shades

Each palette also comes with a visual tutorial insert with eye looks you can try.


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