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Simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication. “
–Leonardo da Vinci (April 15, 1452 – May 2, 1519)

Welcome back.  I hope your journey to creating your own business is going well.  In the last few posts we’ve covered how to create a business structure, the different types of structures, and naming your business. Now for the fun part — the logo!

Logos are an abbreviated representation of your business.  They can be illustrations, mascots, monograms, acronyms, symbols, art, faces, animals, plants — anything goes.

It is very important to consider the message you want to send with the logo.  It should in some way represent the philosophy of your business.  For instance, an accounting company may not want to cute little bunny as its logo (it might but that sends a confusing message to the marketplace).

The logo (imagery), business name, and colors are tools used to brand the company.  Branding is imbedding the company image in the marketplace conscience.

5 Things to consider when creating a logo:

1.  Image — what message are you sending to represent your company.  Is there a similar logo in the market?  If so, you’ll want to try something else.

2.  Difficulty to reproduce — for example printing on business cards — does it scale up and down well (signs, letterhead, email signature, bags, labels, shirts etc.)

3.  Colors — select 1 primary color and 2 complimentary secondary colors.  More colors = expensive printing costs or embroidery if doing shirts / hats

4.  DIY — will you create the logo yourself, use a professional, or online service?

5.  Do you LOVE it?

You Get to decide:

To illustrate I have created 3 new logos for my jewelry company French Robin Designs.

I cannot decide which one I like the best so I am asking you to help.

Look at the images below, visit my shop French Robin Designs, and vote for your favorite new logo.  It’s that easy.  Invite your friends to visit and vote too.  I’ll reveal the fan favorite in a few days.

Background:  French Robin Designs creates and sells chic, sophisticated, fashionable jewelry pieces.  Clients are between 23 and 48, female, and fashion-forward.  Many are brides, bridesmaids, or in the bridal party.  French Robin Designs represents the pieces I would wear myself to accessorize.

French Robin Designs

Mint Green Scroll Logo

birdcage and bird logo

Bird Cage Logo

monogram logo

Monogram Logo


I am excited to see which logo is the favorite.

Cheers –